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Well, first, he was born, which goes with out saying. (bugs bunny reference) At around age 4, he proclaimed his desire to be a rock and roll singer. His first true influence was his dad's collection of early rock and roll 45's from Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. When he was 5, he took up classical piano. He took piano lessons until age 12. It was then that he switched to guitar and his passion for music really kicked in. Nick took guitar lessons from age 13 to 16. The first song that he learned on guitar was "Margaritaville" followed by "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Nick's very first preformance was in a junior high talent show playing Clash songs. He and his band attempted to do an unplanned encore and his 300 pound music teacher ran out and unplugged our amps. I feel that Nick Hexum may be the most talented singer/songwriter alive.